Kick-off meeting in January 2023 in the city of Turin, Italy

Transnational Project Meeting in Ankara on the 5th of October 2023

Transnational Project Meeting in Bucharest on the 15th of March 2024

Final Evaluation Meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden

Local Activities

These local events were designed to reinforce social and transversal competences as communication, entrepreneurial mind-set, critical thinking and creativity in both young participants and other involved in the activities promoted by the project.

The educators benefited from increased abilities to motivate and engage NEET youth, employ effective empowerment techniques, and improve professional skills related to youth engagement, activity planning, and evaluation. They also enhanced wider personal skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork, and resilience, while fostering innovation in youth through the food sector and social entrepreneurship possibilities.

Soon, you’ll have the option to access downloadable resources showcasing the impact and success of Local Activities conducted by each project partner.

Project Target Group

The project directly targets youth workers and educators, enhancing their competences and providing newly prepared tools to ensure proper support for young people and their communities, particularly those who are unemployed, have low education, low school results, come from migrant backgrounds etc.


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Update e-meetings

The partners are meeting regularly to discuss about the state of the art of the project.

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