Project Partners

Hello Youth (HeY) is an NGO promoting active citizenship and participation of young people in all aspects of society. We encourage young people to participate in European projects as we recognise the immensely powerful way they can help young people improve themselves. Several young people make up this organisation from different cultural, economic and social backgrounds 13-30 years old. The organisation was formed in 2013, first as an informal group but now developed into a stable NGO at a fundamental stage in its development.

Ateliere Fără Frontiere (Workshop Without Borders) is a circular economy-based NGO whose activities main focus is to create jobs for people coming from vulnerable groups (addiction, violence, homelessness, Roma, etc.) and provide social services of job coaching, financial counselling, access to educational and mental health programs. The final aim of our efforts is the integration of the beneficiaries on the free labor market by empowering them to regain their self-confidence and become active citizens who access their rights and contribute to the social welfare system. Since 2008, we had 359 employees registered in the social integration program. More than half found a job or a paid training after spending two years at AFF developing their skills for the labor market. We currently have an average of 25 employees/year in the integration program and 20 permanent employees who work at the association’s social services, economic activity and the administrative tasks that come with them.

Anazitites Theatrou (Fix In Art) is mostly a self-funded sociο-cultural hub initiative. It is a vision, an idea, a place of culture, a shelter or even better a home for theatre, music, plastic arts, dance, movies, literature and every form of creative expression. But above all it’s a space where we still dream, we imagine, and we create. Our aim is to support creatives, amateurs, and visionaries, nurture and culture collaborations, build bridges of mobility, support learning for people of all ages and backgrounds, promote modern culture and all of the above in a space that is open and accessible to all without prejudice, in a building which is considered one of the most important industrial monuments of Greece, the old FIX brewery. It is a non-profit arts and culture community on a quest to enhance and promote artistic expression and opportunities that protects education, inclusivity, anti-oppression, non- violence, well-being and peace while cultivating a community committed to this lifestyle.

Mine Vaganti NGO is a non-profit organisation established in Sardinia in 2009, whose services encompass Education and Training, Project Design and Development, Thematic Research, International Mobility, and Consultancy – in Youth, Adults, Education and Sport sectors. MVNGO has 3 offices in Sassari, impacting the North of Sardinia, and in Berlin, Germany reaching out with its operational branches to many other regions in Italy, around Europe and beyond. The members of MVNGO operate in dedicated teams to create, develop and implement international projects in research, innovation or exchange of good practices, sometimes reaching the target via seminars and/ or training courses.

Among the MVNGO working teams are trainers/facilitators (Salto accredited) that enjoy vast experience and are willing to be involved in the implementation of proposed projects. The organisation is composed of 10 full-time staff members, 15 co-workers employed temporarily under different

 mobility programmes and a pool of 20 externals contracted on a yearly / or project basis.

FRAMEWORK is an Italian not-for profit association active in the fields of adult education, Youth, VET, Entrepreneurship and sustainability. The mission of the association is to promote lifelong learning and professional development opportunities to all citizens in needs for wider and stronger employability skills, digital competencies and in general better skills to achieve their professional and life plans. We aim at inspiring adults, seniors, youth, youth workers, trainers and educators in any sector to grow personally and professionally. The association was born to offer a FRAME to help people turning their ideas in concrete plans and projects. Our mission is offering them the opportunity to increase their abilities, competencies and attitude thus enabling them in making the changes they need in their professional or personal life, with their own strengths and talent.

Faal Derneği is situated in the Çankaya area which is the biggest district in Ankara. The main purpose of the organization is to empower people who can take active role in the society. Active citizenship, social inclusion, integration of disadvantaged groups are main activities.  The mission of Faal Derneği is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights and international cooperation. Faal Derneği is working with Keçiören Municipality, Yenimahalle Municipality, schools, universities and other youth organizations in its environment in order to increase impact. 

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